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Camas / Washougal Post 4278

VFW Schick – Ogle Post 4278, Camas / Washougal Washington was chartered on July 23rd,1945 by Commander Lester Hunt and 72 charter members. Since then, Post 4278 has been an active participant in community activities throughout the year including setting out the sidewalk flags on holidays and special events, being involved in Camas Days and handing out poppies from the Buddy Poppy program. Post 4278 is also involved in events such as the Costco Hero’s Night and has been on the Clark County Veteran’s Advisory Board for some time.

Our Post is proud to serve our community as we served our country. We support local Veterans and encourage local Veterans to stand up and be counted and join the local VFW. We conduct monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month in the Camas Community Center. All honorable Veterans of foreign wars are eligible to join. Come and experience your local VFW Post work to support Veterans and better our community. If you are a member of another VFW Post, you’re welcome to join us and transfer if you wish. Dues are only $40 annually and free to area active-duty personnel.

What Does VFW #4278 Do?

You’re being counted and represented: As a VFW member, you are being counted and represented as a Veteran that served your country for freedom at home and throughout the world. The VFW speaks out on behalf of Veterans and for freedom and Americanism issues at the National, State, and County levels. You have direct input through your Post.

You’re making a contribution to your community: As a member, you have the opportunity to strengthen and serve the local community. Members of our Post work in the local community to support local Veterans and work on community projects.

You’re assisting your fellow Veterans: Our Post provides assistance in getting help for Veterans in need. The Post has helped many Veterans with financial and physical assistance to give back to those who have served. Our Service Officer helps many Veterans get health and service benefits they are entitled to.

How Do I join Post #4278?

You may email us at [email protected], send us an email using this web site, or join us for coffee at the Camas Community Center on Wednesdays or Fridays at 9 am and complete an easy Post Information form.


We are proud to be supported by our Auxiliary members. The Auxiliary is comprised of members from all walks of life with a common connection: all are relatives of those who served overseas in a location of foreign conflict. Click to learn more or join.


To be a member in the VFW, you must be on active duty and/or have honorably served in the US armed forces, and be a Veteran of a foreign conflict. Your DD214 will provide the qualifying information. Please, have a copy available for review. If you do not have a DD214 or have lost it, our Service Officer can help you get one. If you have served our country, we want you to be a member and be counted. We will make your membership request easy and simple.

Already a Member of the VFW?

Transferring to our Post is easy. Just let us know that it is your desire and provide us with your current Post and membership number.



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